Sunday, December 8, 2013

Oregon Vortex

Peculiarities in the Oregon Vortex is one of the world-famous rarity. Located in Gold Hill, Oregon, and this place has a diameter of 165 feet. Famous for being able to cause vertigo. Frequented by travelers since the 30's. Peculiarities of this area is how a broom can stand up without hands, and the ball rolled up, Orang2 can look taller or vice versa when viewed from different angles. And there's one point there is a house known as The House Of Mystery. Many theories relating to the Oregon Cortex, including the presence of very large magnetic fields there, and of course the theory of the supernatural. Until now no one can explain why the animals no one wants to enter the area.

The Oregon Vortex is a spherical field of force, half above ground and half below ground. The word "vortex" simply means whirpool strength, such as rotating mass of water, especially those in which the power of suction operates, such as a whirlpool or a whirling mass of air, especially in the form of visible column or spiral, like a tornado.

A vortex, essentially the power of a whirlpool, a basic form of our universe. Of our galaxy, which forms a vortex that we see as the sun innumerable of the Milky Way, the gravitational vortex of our solar system, the vortex atom, a repeating swirl around the shape of the structure of our world. The Phenomena that gives The Oregon Vortex company's name is sprinkled throughout the entire area. Nowhere in the circle you usually stand upright. Inevitably the visitor assumes a posture that incline toward magnetic north. Korona from the Vortex, as well as a small vortex, Vortex was found during the study continues, it is one of the unique phenomenon to be observed here.


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