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72 yrs Shea Vaughn's keys to wellness

Okay, so the use of the phrase made famous by Shea’s son Vince Vaughn may be a bit of overkill, but after digging deep into Mrs. Vaughn’s background it’s easy to see where Vince gets his amazing energy, professional drive and incomparable charm.
Shea Vaughn

Shea Vaughn is the creator of a revolutionary lifestyle practice known as SheaNetics. The doctor endorsed practice blends Eastern and Western values and movements giving a powerful mind-body experience to its users. The practice is based on five basic principals that Vaughn calls The Living Principals of Well-Being; Commitment, Perseverance, Self-Control, Integrity and Love which unite the body and mind as one and inspire the answers people seek to the life that they deserve. As Vaughn explains, “SheaNetics takes mind-body transformation one step further with a fresh self-styled approach to exercise that combines yoga, pilates, tai chi, martial arts, ballet and lots more along with the performance enhancing benefits of Tri-Core Power Training to develop your ‘killer’ core.”

Vaughn says her inspiration to create the program came from her own personal experiences with Eastern and Western lifestyles along with her students’ enthusiasm to learn. She began adding in certain poses and trying different things in her exercise classes that the students hadn’t seen or done before, but immediately found beneficial. Vaughn says that unlike many other forms of exercise, SheaNetics is different because it offers a combination of physical and philosophical concepts that can transform one’s life both emotionally and physically.

If there is anyone who can serve as a testimony to the benefits of SheaNetics it is Shea Vaughn herself. Her body appears ageless from head to toe and she seems to be full of amazing energy regardless of what her day brings. To get a closer look at what Vaughn does to keep herself in tip top shape, I asked the wellness guru to fill us in on her daily routine. “I am up in the morning around 4:15 am,” she says. “I always have a half cup of warm water with fresh squeezed lemon and take two cayenne pepper capsules to jump start my system. I usually begin my workout with a run, bike or session on the Cybex Treadmill, and often times I do a combination to mix it up. Four times a week I do some light weights and use some bands. I routinely add SheaNetics to stretch it all out and build total body strength. I take off one day a week to give my body rest.” As far as diet goes, Vaughn who is a strict vegan usually has a smoothie every morning made of 70% veggies and 30% fresh fruit. Her remaining meals usually consist of salads, rice chips, brown rice, berries, watermelon and hummus.

While Vaughn believes that we must all learn to care for our bodies better and make healthier choices, she does agree that for many, stress is the leading cause for poor habits. “The term ‘comfort food’ is perfectly coined,” she says. “Stress creates negative psychological side effects mentally which over time can affect a person’s physical well-being.” She also says that prolonged stress leads to an ongoing secretion of Cortisol (the body’s stress hormone), which overtime has toxic effects on the body, weakens the immune system and can lead to such physical and emotional ailments as hypoglycemia, binge eating, panic attacks, nervous breakdowns, depression, heart disease and even suicidal tendencies.  While a physician must treat certain ailments, Vaughn believes most can be treated and even prevented with proper nutrition and exercise. “It’s commonly understood that exercise helps to strengthen your immune system, thereby preventing illness or lessoning its affects,” she says. “Nutrition plays a big part in health at any age, but more so as we age and the process affects our metabolism.” She says that cutting out fatty and fried foods should be everyone’s first step in getting healthier, and she suggests incorporating as many vegetables, fruits and nuts as possible. She believes that having grab and go foods in the house like veggies and fruit not only lead to better choices for both you and your family, it can help to ease the stress of balancing a family and a busy schedule.

While Shea Vaughn may have her life and health in order, she can still sympathize with other moms out there struggling to find a program that truly their lifestyle. She advises busy moms to take charge of their own life and realize that no one can do it for them. “Weight loss is realizing that it is a lifestyle change,” she says. “With it come the rewards of reaching your goals and sustaining them.” For those looking for more specific guidance, Vaughn suggests following her Five Principals of Well-Being found in her new book, Breakthrough. She says within its pages, readers will find solutions to overcoming issues, breaking through barriers, taking weight off and keeping it off permanently.


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