Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Germany Sets 23.9 GW Solar Power

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Despite the long and dark winter, solar panels keep lining Germany’s residential rooftops. According to SMA Solar Technology, the country has just set another world record in solar energy production. Its solar power output climbed from already impressive record of 22.4 GW in June to a whopping 23.9 GW during peak times yesterday. The data is based on the output of thousands of SMA solar power system spread across the country.

SMA’s interactive PV performance monitoring tool shows that Germany’s photovoltaic electricity production hit a record 23.4 GW on June 6 and with a full 0.5 GW increase peaked yesterday at 23.9 GW. The massive solar electricity output is attributed to approximately 1.3-1.4 million solar power systems installed across the country, with about 8.5 million people living in buildings which incorporate solar systems to produce electricity.

Germany has been the world’s solar power leader for some time now, although Bulgaria and Czech Republic take the lead concerning solar power per GDP. According to the Federal Network Agency, Germany installed a total of 33.5 GW of PV by the end of April 2013. The record-breaking amount of solar power shows one of the world’s leading industrial nations was able to produce impressive amounts of clean energy through a simple, strong policy and feed-in tariff incentives for stimulating solar power installation on private homes and businesses.


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