Monday, February 2, 2015

90,000 Chinese Saved By Lone Animal Quake Prediction

Animals have a great sense of knowing things before they happen. House pets seem to know that their owner will be coming home, even before they arrive. They don?t receive any physical signals, but they still wait by the door or window to wait for their owner. Homing pigeons also use this ability although it is not fully understood. Many pet owners say that they have some sort of psychic bond or telepathic link with their pets. Some pets even act strangely before an earthquake hits.

David Jay Brown, a graduate student was in a university laboratory with three calm rabbits. Suddenly, they became noticeably agitated. They were hopping around in their cages wildly for five minutes, and then a 5.2 earthquake hit the school!

In China on February 4, 1975, the people of Haicheng were successfully evacuated right before a 7.3 magnitude earthquake hit the school! The decision to evacuate the city was taken primarily because of the strange behavior of animals. Most of the city was destroyed but all of the people in the city were evacuated before the earthquake. Almost 90,000 lives were saved.

James Berkalnd, a California geologist, says that he can predict an earthquake just by counting missing pet ads in the newspaper and correlating this relationship to lunar-tide cycles. He claims to have 75% accuracy using this method. James has been saving and counting missing pet ads for many years. He says that when the number of missing pet ads goes up, there is probably going to be an earthquake.

Although the majority of accounts pertain to cats and dogs, there are also many stories about other animals acting this way, like horses, cows, deer and other animals. The times that this usually happens is a couple weeks before and a few moments before an earthquake.

Marsha Adams, an independent earthquake researcher in San Francisco, claims that she has created sensors that can pick up low-frequency electromagnetic signals which allow her to predict earthquakes with over 90% accuracy. She suspects that low-frequency electromagnetic signals created by the fracturing of crystalline rock deep inside the earth along fault lines, are "biologically active", and that her instruments are picking up the same signals that sensitive animals do. She says that because of her new invention, it makes unusual animal behavior obsolete.

Some people say that they feel an uncomfortable pressure in their head or a persistent headache that lasts for weeks, which suddenly vanishes right before an earthquake. Magnetite has been found in some animal brains, so Berkland thinks that it? is possible that animals may be reacting to their own headaches caused by changes in the earth's electromagnetic field. He said that he saw a dog chewing on willow bark, from which aspirin was derived, before an earthquake, and he believes that the dog was attempting to self-medicate himself for the headache.

So, if your pet starts acting very agitated, you may be in for some earth-shaking activity!


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