Monday, July 27, 2015

We Created A Bouquet Of Burning Roses

“The Ash” was a simple idea, we dreamed about creating something we have never seen before, something which is impossible to see in the world we already know. It mays sound pretty odd, but one of the first thought which came to Peter’s mind, was a scored archetype of beauty – a figure which still retains its shape – just before a total collapse.
So we knew that this time there will be no space for any of 3D tools, we are used to on every day basis. We decided to create everything form a scratch, there would be anything “alive” in this project. Firstly, we used various of materials to built the shape of flowers. Then we painted and fully covered them with the material which looks like a volcanic ash. Then we finished it up with a real burning coal, and to fulfil the gaps between the roses, we decided to use a red light, which gave the feel of a glowing.
The second part was to take some photos of burning coal only, using the same perspective – it was easier afterwards, to digitally compose all the layers. As the final result was that we got a big and very detailed picture – which, to be honest, would take a much more time to achieve if we would use our regular 3D tool.
But what is more important, once again we assured ourselves that with patience, willingness, and a bunch of amazing people we are able to make our dream come true
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