Wednesday, October 7, 2015

When They Found This Leopard With His Head Stuck, Brave Locals Stepped Up To Help

When locals from a village in India discovered this poor leopard, the big cat looked more like Winnie the Pooh than any fierce feline. Just like that silly old bear, the curious leopard's head was stuck inside a pot. (We can neither confirm nor deny the presence of honey in the pot, but encourage you to use your imagination.)
Luckily, some brave humans stepped up to carefully help the leopard with his sticky situation. They just had to make sure he wouldn't bite the hand that freed him.

It's like seeing Tigger try to steal Pooh's honey, but less animated. I wonder if the big cat's first thought was, "Oh, bother." Hopefully he learned his lesson a little better than our friend from the Hundred Acre Wood ever did.


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