Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Some of the best photography of mystical characters in nature

We often hear the question about our creations being dominated by mystical characters in nature, that generate short stories, fairy tales, fancy stories.
At that moment I feel troubled by it… Why has nature became a fairy-tale plot and the concrete life is a daily phenomenon. Sometimes I feel like I’m in the man-made world of illusions and someone wants to draw a clear boundary between it and nature. After all, should it be the opposite?
City is just a safe illusion, fortress, where we can hide and create a suitable comfort zone. Forests are not as dark and ugly as many of you think. Swamps won’t swallow you. Even the wolves, they will never attack you and rip out your heart. Everywhere is a connection. Just for that connection we must indulge all our heart and be a part of it.
We are the couple who is looking for that connection and we hope you gonna look for it too.

Image Courtesy : Facebook.com


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