Monday, July 3, 2017

The Position Of Your Legs While Sitting Reveals A Lot About You

Body Language is a non-verbal form of communication in which facial expressions, body postures or eye movement reveal several personality traits about an individual. To be specific, we may not know that the position of our legs while sitting reveals most of the facts about a person. Going by the facts below you will be able to understand new things about the people around you.

Ignorant But Interesting

People with such traits seem to be ignorant as they feel that ignoring problems is an easy way to move away from them and with this behavior they generally tend to shift from their responsibilities. However, it is interesting to know that they are extremely nice, charming, bit childish but yet communicative.

Creative and Positive

These people are dreamers and possess good imagination. They have a lot of creative ideas and always keep exploring different things in life. While they love to travel and make friends, at the same time they remain positive in every moment of their life. Such people are loved by everyone and are always ready to start from the bottom if they are unhappy about something.

Loves To Be In Comfort

Such people usually think and think a lot before getting into something. For them, comfort is the priority and need everything to go smoothly even if they have to plan for days. They have a wandering mind and tend to be disorganized at times but they are aware of how to operate in a messy environment. Yet at times they can be boring to others.


People who tend to be disciplined and often don’t like people to show up late. They don’t express themselves publically and have a specific way of expressing their emotions. People who sit in this position don’t find an issue in communicating their views but at times they may appear rude to others.


People sitting in this posture are confident enough and understand that everything happens at right time. They normally are not in any hurry but never give up until they finally achieve what they want to. For them, their appearance is very important and they would love to invest a lot of time in making it better.


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