Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Body Of Souls: My Bipolar Special Effects Makeup Concept

This special effects makeup concept was inspired by our inner demons, and mental illnesses such as bipolar, ADHD, and depression. It is thought that we can all relate by having inner demons, a self-doubt constantly dragging us down. 
I created the latex mask and body pieces all within a 9 day turn to apply on a photo shoot using Suzi Cumming as a model. The occasion was special to us as we collaborated with ideas as Suzi is a sufferer and really helped make it clear what suffering actually looks like if you could see what a sufferer was feeling. Suzi suggested incorporating hands as if being held back and tied down or suffocated. And I really wanted to show expressions and emotions in the faces within the design. Also, an ambigram was put into the design which states “I’m fine” and when turned upside down it reads “save me”.
The professional photographs were taken by horror fanatic Rick Jones at Horrify me studios. I picked Rick for his amazing editing skills and love of horror and details because although they photographed the design in its raw state they later added lots of fake blood which pushed the design into a graphic gory style. The design took 6 hours to apply with assistant Claire Jones. If it was not for Claire assistance the design would have taken much longer to apply. The idea of wearing a mask also brings into the concept that many of us hide behind a mask of our true feelings daily as we put on a happy face to mask the pain inside or hardship times in our lives. The design is special and, hopefully, it shows to everyone suffering that they are not alone. Speak out and speak to anyone about how you’re feeling it will probably turn out that they may have been feeling similar at some point.

Imagine A World With Giant Animals

Giant animals and tiny humans are the premises for my recent series of photo-manipulations and my Instagram account is a series of windows into my imagination.
The might and awe of the animal kingdom have always been an inspiration and I like to think we all have our spirit animals that challenge, guide and protect us in a world that seems to be diving deeper into chaos.
Issues regarding the demise of species with the impact of every human encroachment into native habitats weigh heavily on my heart. Mother Nature is incredible. It's way bigger than all of us tiny humans and we all have our part to play.
I hope to continue to create art that makes you think and inspire people to see the natural world and all its magnificent creatures with a sense of connection, wonder and intrigue.

Everyday Objects To Create Tiny Worlds

The photographer shoot a lot with my macro lenses but  never really used the macro function.
When we find these little folks on the internet I started to see little worlds in every single common object around me. We call this series: Tiny Wasteland.
Photo Courtesy : Boredpanda.com

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